Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Water Pollution

This water pollution power point talks about the different types of water that can get polluted and the affects of it getting polluted. It also includes how we can fix water pollution. ( This also counts for the week 4 blog challenge ) I worked with Kaydence, Gracie, Paisley, and Brody to make this power point.


  1. I so agree! Water pollution is a huge problem. Good job on this topic. I love it! http://isabella6pm.edublogs.org/


    1. I would go check out your blog but your link is not working

    2. Hi Shelby,
      If someone's link is not active (in blue) then highlight it, copy and paste in a new tab on your computer and it will work.

  2. I agree that water pollution is a really bad thing. How long will it take the government to wake up and do something about it. If we keep ignoring the problem then the earth will eventually give up and die. How can we sustain life on Earth? Clean it up!

  3. I agree that water pollution is bad for the environment. I hope people are more aware of this pollution because we need water to drink and if our water is dirty then we might get sick. So let's stop water pollution.

    From, hmscaden

  4. Hi Shelby!
    I am Thanumi, a sixth grader from Thailand. Your slideshow is very creative and informative! Yes, water pollution is a very bad thing. It is totally up to us, human beings, to save the earth from that unfortunate future. Please visit my blog whenever you are free. My blog link is, http://thanumiabey.weebly.com/