Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bottle Flipping CER Conclustion

Name: Shelby                                Date:  11/22/16    

Experimental Conclusion

Intro - Start by explaining or summarizing your experiment.
Claim – Write a statement about what you learned from your experiment. What did you prove?
Evidence – Share the data you collected and/or observed that supports your claim.
Reasoning – Explain the Science behind your claim. Why did you get the results you got? Also show how your evidence supports, or actually proves, that your claim is correct.

We took a 500ml water bottle and filled it 125ml then had Maki and Connor flip it 10 times each. Then they flipped it with 250ml, 375ml, and 500ml

My claim is that both my group and group 1 were right that with little water the bottle will not flip well but with it at the middle it does good and with a lot the bottle does bad.

My evidence is that with 125ml we only got 1 land. With 250ml we got 3 land. With 375ml we were back to 1 land. And with 500ml we got 0 lands.

I think this happened because with little water there is not much water for the bottle to land with. But with a lot of water the bottle can not do a comlpete flip.

My evidence supports my claim because it was accurate with the other teams and the other team that had the same expirement got the same information

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