Monday, December 12, 2016

Hour of Code

Certificate for Shelby
I did a hour of code and the games I played were frozen and flappy bird. I think I did 2 and a half hours.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bottle Flipping CER Conclustion

Name: Shelby                                Date:  11/22/16    

Experimental Conclusion

Intro - Start by explaining or summarizing your experiment.
Claim – Write a statement about what you learned from your experiment. What did you prove?
Evidence – Share the data you collected and/or observed that supports your claim.
Reasoning – Explain the Science behind your claim. Why did you get the results you got? Also show how your evidence supports, or actually proves, that your claim is correct.

We took a 500ml water bottle and filled it 125ml then had Maki and Connor flip it 10 times each. Then they flipped it with 250ml, 375ml, and 500ml

My claim is that both my group and group 1 were right that with little water the bottle will not flip well but with it at the middle it does good and with a lot the bottle does bad.

My evidence is that with 125ml we only got 1 land. With 250ml we got 3 land. With 375ml we were back to 1 land. And with 500ml we got 0 lands.

I think this happened because with little water there is not much water for the bottle to land with. But with a lot of water the bottle can not do a comlpete flip.

My evidence supports my claim because it was accurate with the other teams and the other team that had the same expirement got the same information

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Class Lecture

Today we will be talking about how a battery works when it is charging. Always have the charger unplugged when you are putting the batteries in and taking them out. When you plug in the charger it is transforming energy through the wires and into the accrual charger. When the energy is transferring through the wires it is called electrical energy. Then when you have the batteries in there the energy from the charger transports into the batteries. When it is in the batterie it is called stored chemical energy. Then you can use the batteries to charge things like flashlights, remote controls, and toys.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Mt Saint Helens

Mt Saint Helens changed the surface of the earth by taking out a lot of trees and things like that then pushing it into the rivers and lakes. Also it took 98 percent of the volcano off. It got super rocky in the lava dome. Before it eroupted it got super big and it just kept growing especially in the lava dome. When Mt Saint Helens eroupted it started to slide down right before it eroupted. When you look at pictures back then vs now you can see that it was small then it grew bigger and now it is small and is finally getting bigger. So the surface change a lot.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

To the Jury and Judge

Lawyer: A copper strip has a positive charge and a zinc strip has a negative charge.

Judge: would it would work because there is a negative charge and a positive so that should mean that it could work as a battery.  

Jury: So it will work because there is a positive charge and a negative charge.

Lawyer: No it would not work because one negative and one positive will not make it work. It would not do anything it needs something to get it moving.

Judge: So what is the other thing we would need?

Lawyer: The other thing we would need is copper Sulfate because that is another positive charge. That will make it work because then the two strips will have something to work with.

Jury: The Lawyer is right. It would not work with only the two strips you would need the copper Sulfate to help it work.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Dear Mt. Raineer

Dear Mt. Raineer,                                                                                                        5/18/80             Today I eroupted. My lava destroyed forests and bridges. I don't have the orange Hawaii lava mine is like gray, and rocky. Ash flew everywhere in some places there was up to 2 inches of ash. My eruption went 15 miles in the air. I was building up for years and all the presure made me have my eruption. Everyone thought they were safe because they thought I would eroupt up not sideways. Now I am build again and it about 100-200 years.

Sincerely, Mt. St Helens

Thursday, September 29, 2016

7 Random Facts

7 Random Facts

1. I play club soccer
2. My soccer number is 6
3. I am in dog 4-H
4. My favorite super hero is Captin Amarica
5. I love the Seahawks
6. Russel Wilson is my favorite football player
7. I own 3 dogs